Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Yellowstone National Park!!!! Bucket List~Silver Gate stay!

Bobby and I had the most magical visit to Yellowstone!  The beauty with the snow on mountains was beyond amazing!  We had never been there so early in the year.  So much wildlife out and about. The buffalo were all giving birth, and we even saw the new wolf pups at the den site.  We saw all the species we set out to find.  We rented a gorgeous little cabin on the Soda Butte Creek in Silver Gate MT.  There were moose right in our backyard! I also saw a species of duck I've longed to see for a lifetime, Harlequin Ducks, 4 of them!  We had a Bison at the end of our street hanging out by the sign for the town. Best spur of the moment trip EVER!  I felt free and alive again! I need adventures, I'm not the stay at home type. I need to see wildlife, like I need to drink water. It fuels me like nothing else.  I am blessed to know what brings me the most joy. I want to go back already!  I love it there!   

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