Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Don't it make you smile.......

Finally being able to get out and about and find turtles and see lots of other wildlife has been so awesome!  WTs make me smile ear to ear!  I love being in their company!  This week I've found two turtles I've found before, one 7 years ago, the other 5 years ago, isn't that amazing?  I love that I've taken pictures of Plastrons for so long.  It warms my heart that they are still out and about. Both grew significantly larger.  One was a baby when I found him 7 years ago, he fit in the palm of my hand.  The other was small last time too. Both are in incredible condition.  I found two other WTs this past week as well.  What an amazing gift it's been to follow my favorite species of turtles for the last decade.  So many people are lucky to see a couple in a lifetime.  They are the single reason I'm getting out there with trekking poles.  I need to move and they have given me the reason to do it!  

Found June 15, 2012
Found May 30, 2017

Found July 24, 2010
Found May 27, 2017

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