Friday, December 26, 2008

Snow shoeing!

Every Christmas eve for more then a decade I have decorated a tree with treats for my feeder birds. This year I put up ears of dried corn, millet sprays, pine cones with peanut butter coated with hulled sunflower seeds,and sunflower heads. This year for the first time I put the decorations in my new Crab Apple tree. The birds love having another spot in the yard to feed.

I went on my first snowshoe of the year up in the Co. Park with my brand new Christmas presents from hubby! The step in bindings work excellent and the boots are very comfortable! Bobby and Petey came along, and we all had a terrific walk in 34 degree weather. Petey was so excited to be out there after a long week of being stuck in the house. He kept running back to us and just had this look of total joy, I know it is his way of thanking me for taking him out. Lots of birds at the very end of the walk, all feeding right around the road that is now closed for the Winter. Pine Siskin, Gold Finch, Am. Robin(25), W.B. Nuthatch, Starling, Golden Crowned Kinglet, Cedar Waxwing, T.Titmouse, Chickadee. Beautiful day! Tomorrow I have the Xmas count.

Yesterday was the best Christmas I've had since losing my Dad 4 years ago. He gave me my favorite life gift, my tremendous love of nature and the natural world. When I get out there, it brings me closer to him.

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