Monday, December 29, 2008

Pine Siskins

Two hour hike in Cascade Lake Park. 40 degrees, beautiful and sunny. Only sign of life was a determined female Downy Woodpecker searching for insects in a standing dead tree, back by the old beaver pond next to the AT trail. I heard a few little birds at the top of the trees, Pine Siskins and Gold Finch, I couldn't find them. Two kids on a dirt bike and a Quad went by, and Petey wanted to kill them. He still goes nuts at even the sound of a motocross bike, but is able to now sit next to me and wait for them to pass by, a year ago this was not possible. Other then the two kids, who were very nice when they stopped to talk, we had the place to ourselves. Still no sign of any Beavers, so disappointing, I truly miss them, I saw them on a daily basis and guess I took for granted that they would always be around. My funniest memory of them was the day that Petey decided once and for all he was going to get the big one, who would often be on shore at dusk when we walked. Petey would chase them in the water every time, and that evening decided to swim after the Beaver. Well the Beaver gave Petey several tail slap warnings...and being a young Doberboy Petey didn't head them. Next thing I know the beaver is swimming right at Petey, and then dives down under him! The look on Petey's face was priceless, his eyes bugged out and he had this look like what have I done now??? Petey swam to shore very quickly got out of the water,had an air of indignation, and never again chased the beavers! He still is nervous swimming in that part of the river. Anyway disappointing bird day until I arrived home, look outside at my own feeders and low and behold a large flock of Pine Siskins! Too funny!

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