Monday, December 15, 2008

Happy Birthday to me!

61 degrees, cloudy and windy. Petey and I headed up to the Co. Park for a two hour hike. All the ice was melted off of the trees, and you could really see the damage that the ice storm caused, many trees are snapped in half and a lot have fallen over from the weight of the ice. Woods are just full of widow makers. Hard frost is out of the ground, and there is mud everywhere! Ice is off the streams, vernal pools and the pond. Birds today, G.C. Kinglet's, Pipits, Brown Tree Creepers, Bluebirds, R.T. Hawks, R.B. Woodpeckers, Downys, Chickadees, T.Tit Mouse, W.B. Nuthatch. Also saw four deer.

I spent my time reflecting on how wonderful the last year has been for me. I was fortunate to travel a lot and spend a tremendous amount of time out in Nature, birding and animal watching. I saw more animals this year then ever before, I don't know if that is because of the amount of time I spend outside or that I was just lucky. For the first time ever I came across three female Wood turtles all with in a months time, just truly awesome. Petey helped me find two of them! I saw many bears, owls and raccoons. I got a super AM life bird at the Grand Canyon....the CA Condor. No matter how I feel before I set's too cold, windy, hot, buggy, rainy, etc....I have NEVER been sorry that I went out, and I always come home with a smile. It fills my soul up like nothing else in my life. I am also grateful for my constant companion Petey....he truly makes every day a joy for me.

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