Monday, December 8, 2008

First Post...

This is my first blog about Petey and I. Although Petey and I don't do a traditional dog sport together, we do love getting out to hike most days of the year. He is a wonderful hiking companion, who never fails to bring me joy while watching him enjoy his hikes. For now hiking will have to do as our sport, as there isn't enough time in the day to do any thing else. I don't think he suffers because of it, running free, trailing scents, jumping, swimming and being with your master who has a huge smile on....what more could a dog ask for? Well maybe a snack when he gets home! :D

Today was a very blustery 19 degrees out. It is sunny and the sky is filled with lots of clouds. We aren't quite used to it being so cold. Lots of birds are gathering at my feeders including a very determined hungry Sharp shinned hawk. It took a couple of tries, but she finally got herself a nice meal of a Mourning Dove. I am also playing hostess to a cute little Red Squirrel, as well as a half dozen Gray Squirrels. Petey slept in all cozy and comfy....not in any rush to get up and out until much later in the morning.

10am Petey and I hiked up in our County Park for about an hour. We did our typical loop. Not too much was out and about, including other people and dogs. We did see Cardinals, Gold Finch and Ruby Crowned Kinglets. At my favorite little vernal pool, I could see the Marbled Salamander Nymphs that hatched a couple of months ago swimming around under the ice. Amazing that they are active all Winter in such cold water. They will be full grown and ready to leave the vernal pool by late Spring, beating the feeding competition of the Spotted Salamander Nymphs and Wood frog tadpoles that will be hatched by early Spring.