Friday, December 19, 2008

Sad Heart Today.....

Last night my father in law passed away at the age of 72. My hubby and his brother went down to FL to be with him as he passed over. It comes as a shock to us that his life here on earth is now done, we weren't ready for the suddenness of his death. We had hoped for more time. I got up this morning feeling really down. I decided to get myself together and get out in the woods with Petey. We have a pretty major snowstorm coming in, so I wanted to get my boy out before it hit. We did the loop in the Co. Park. It was very hard to stay in the moment. Hard to focus on anything more then thoughts of my hubby and his great loss. How much I'm going to miss Grandpa Bob in our lives. Being with Petey did help,every time I looked at him I had to smile, his joy of being alive and enjoying his hike is contagious. He has no idea why his Daddy is gone, or why his Mommy is so sad. He just lives for today...a lesson I could really use to learn. My FIL never got to meet Petey, but he did know him through lots of pictures and emails, I think he must have really liked him, because when I was at his house in Florida back in April, I saw a framed picture of Petey on his office wall, it really touched me in a way I can't explain. Grandpa Bob was a man of few words, but the picture spoke volumes to me. I was so happy that I had shared my precious dogs life with him, that some how I shared a connection with him that had nothing do do with his son or grandsons. My FIL and I had one really good thing in common, we really loved our dogs. His dogs were treated like my own Petey, as family. When his beautiful Mini Pin Belle passed away a few months ago, I know his heart was broken, and that didn't help his health. I hope when he passed last night that Belle was waiting at the Bridge for him, also his beloved Doberman Brandy, that he is now happy and pain free. God Speed, Grandpa Bob, I will always miss you, my heart has another hole in it, I'm sad that you won't be here to see your grandsons become men, and will no longer get to share your sons life here on earth. You are loved beyond measure. Todays photo is the one that is hung on my FILs wall.

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