Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Competative Natures

What is it that compels some people to be so competitive?  Is it their egos, or do they have low self esteem or both?  When I feed into a situation where someone is pushing my buttons, what does that say about me?  Does my ego and how I'm feeling about myself need to be checked as well?  Every so often a person comes into my life, who does this to me.  It never feels good when it is happening.  It feels worse when I realize that I haven't learned my lesson from the last time and I jump right in with both feet.  I need to stay away from people who don't make me feel good ~ PERIOD.  Don't invite the challenge, don't pay attention to it and get on with your life.  Love is all there LOVE. 

Can you say COLD? A high today of 16 degrees, 10mph winds = -4.  I'm not going for a hike, as Monty has a sore toe, the snow is much too hard and crunchy for him to be running on it.  Sunset: 5:03 pm  Moonset: 5:11 am  Moonphase: Waxing Gibbous

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