Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Whoa...today my mind is going a million miles a Milli-second! I think unplugging is WORKING! I have so much I want to write about today! I had a great hiking meditation up in the Co. Park in teen temps with 10mph winds. I was completely frozen on my bottom half, because silly me didn't wear any long johns! But I also had more energy then I've had since Thanksgiving. I did the hills without any struggles. Hmmm maybe some backpacking this fall! I feel so much more peaceful mentally and better then I've felt in a really, really long time. My mind feels clearer and alive with new possibilities. I've also turned off the TV for the last week, only watching programs that I enjoy, no more keeping it on for the noise, the peaceful quiet is so much better for my mind. Last night I did catch a show on PBS about an artist named Wayne White, he did the set for the childrens show Pee-Wee Herman.  His life and the way he has been living it, completely captivated and  fascinated me.  His wife and both his children are all artists. He has inspired me to limit my time on FB and all social media. I am too addicted to the simplicity of just logging on to a forum or Facebook, and spending time in those places makes me feel like I have a full life. I don't because of how much time I'm wasting and it isn't worth it anymore.  Hearing so much bad news constantly is depressing me. I take everyone's problems to heart.  Spending so much time sitting is making me unfit and unhealthy. I need more, I want more and I am going to have more. I am.

 My forever quest for simplifying my life is becoming much clearer. It really isn't about just getting rid of junk, it's a whole mental process to go through first. I never realized that. I've made some decisions that I am going to do this week. I am not going to renew my member number for the PJ fan club. It has been an amazing journey following and loving that band, what a midlife crisis it has been! I had the time of my life and I'm glad it happened. It breathed fresh air into my soul and made me feel so young. But that journey over. I will buy any new albums, but I won't go to anymore shows. I have tinnitus in both my ears now, most likely from repeatedly going to several shows in a weeks time. I won't risk anymore hearing damage, I need my ears to ID bird, animal calls and hear my hubby and children's voices. I have my memories, and they are all amazing. But it is time to move on. I am also not going to take any wildlife rehabs this coming year. I will contact the sites that I'm listed on and make sure they know. I will also get my list of other rehabbers in order, calling everyone and finding out what species they will take. I will post an offer to help anyone who has wildlife questions or needs help locating a rehabber. And finally, I am not going to work on my Master Naturalist either, there is plenty of time for that pursuit when we semi-retire in a few years. That way I can give it my all. If I could get a paycheck doing it, that is what I would love best, but that isn't going to happen. We have no nature centers here close to home.....So I am going to start my new business, and get that up and running. I love dogs and they love me. When asked what my favorite animal is, I always say dogs followed by turtles. I will continue to hike, bird watch and do nature study, but with out any pressure and only for pleasure. I will not give up my shift at the Mt. Peter Hawk watch. That I love too much. So there it is.

 On this cold crisp day....lots of feeder birds again, dozens of cardinals, W.T., Tree, Juncos, Mourning Doves, and Woodpeckers! Downy, Hairy and R.B.s. Out and about there were 3 bluebirds over on the street by Wadesons feeding on crabapples, and a Pilated Woodpecker out on our hike.
On the eating front....who says a healthy lunch can't taste amazing? Put your salad in a Nori Wrapper! Dip the pieces in Coconut Amios....WOW WOW WOW! It was better then getting sushi out, and a whole lot cheaper. I might be a foodie now, that is how I take after my moms side of the family.  It certainly feels good to eat delicious healthy food. 

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