Sunday, January 20, 2013


Last night my brothers x girlfriend died of a drug overdose. Her young son had tragically committed suicide a week ago. Two unbelievable loses of life in a weeks time. My heart goes out to their family, how they will get though this, I don't know. Francesca was a beautiful, warm, sweet person. She was also tortured and sad, she had bad bouts with depression. When she came up to Warwick to live for nine months, she was overwhelmed with the beauty of our area. One magical Fall night Francesca, my brother and myself sat up at Cascade Lake, the air was warm, the approaching evening still, we watched in awe as dozens of bats flew and hunted for insects over the motionless lake. It was the last night that I've ever seen more then 3 bats at one time. It is a memory forever burned in my mind. I had hoped that nature would pull her and my brother into her infinite beauty and wonder, and that the drugs would loosen their grip on them. It never happened for Francesca. I am deeply saddened and sorry that her time here is over.....may she now have the peace and serenity that only the wilderness can bring.

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