Thursday, January 3, 2013

Musk Turtles

Gorgeous sunny day. I set off this morning to pick up my newly adopted pair of Musk Turtles. I saw their add on Craigslist and something made me want to adopt them. When my heart speaks I usually listen. Mandy and Mack are happily cruising around their new digs. They will be living with the eight frogs for the winter. I may set them up in the lower stock pond come Spring and I release the frogs back to their pond in the backyard. I'm headed out to run my pup at 2:30pm in 27 degree weather...perfect for a nice hike. later on after my hike how do I feel? INCREDIBLE! Today is the first time that I did the upper loop in more then a month. Six weeks of holiday eating, drinking and 2 minor vein surgeries, I'm finally back on track and I feel great! I missed getting out there alone.

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