Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Turkeys continue! The flock grows bigger each day, today there was about thirty and they stayed the entire day. There are now a couple of different groups with Toms and Jakes. Toms are starting to strut their stuff. Two Grackels this evening...Red Wing Blackbirds...soon! This afternoon I took Petey on a quick loop in the County Park during a heavy snow fall. It was so quiet and gorgeous out. Petey had a blast. Tonight we are getting up to 8 inches of snow.

Monday, February 22, 2010

My Petey

Today a fellow Moderator on a Forum I belong to, created this beautiful picture of my Petey. What a thoughtful gift. She knows how I feel about my boy, because she is also a Doberman owner. This breed is so special, like no other dog I've ever owned or spent time with. I am going to print this picture onto photo paper and frame it, I already have the frame. The frame has a place for the picture on one side and a shadow box on the other that you add a paw print to. It came with a soft material that hardens when exposed to air. I already took Petey's print from his gigantic paw. He was none too happy it but complied with a miserable look on his face. Although my Petey's feet are far from the Doberman standard of nice tight *Cat feet* I still love them. They are the biggest feet I've ever seen on a medium size dog. So big that people still ask if Petey is young and still growing. Those big feet have served him well with the type of running he does everyday on our hikes. We had a vet visit this morning for a BUN and Creatinine test. The Ace Inhibitor that Petey is on for his DCM can cause Kidney damage in some dogs, so I'd rather be safe then sorry. He put a few pounds back on, so I must up the exercise, no more excuses, Petey is ready and willing no matter the weather, it's mom who is being so lazy and full of excuses. Our vet said he looked good, that I need to treat him like a normal dog, and expect him to live years. With tears in my eyes I told him...I'm trying.

Yesterday my flock of turkeys returned to the bird feeders, fist time in 2010. Yesterday there were about a dozen and today twenty five. I heard a Cardinal singing a Spring song, can it be far behind? I'd expect a flock of Red-Wing Blackbirds any day now...and then the birding can begin. What an exciting prospect....Spring is almost here with all her glory, birds to watch, Spring Peepers to hear singing their beautiful song, vernal pools to explore, warmer weather to beckon us out into nature more often. The thought of all that to look forward to just put a smile on my face. The rebirth of the earth never fails to awaken my sense of wonder.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Birding with Petey!

My hubby is on his annual trip to GA riding and male bonding with all his Dirt-bike friends. I decided to get up and go out birding with my faithful sidekick Petey. We headed out to the black dirt region of Orange County NY. We drove out on Missionland Road looking for a couple of rarities that had been spotted Thursday. We were unsuccessful finding the Lapland Long-spurs and Snow-buntings, so we will give it a go tomorrow morning as well. At the end of the road 5 turkeys and a rooster upon seeing my car came running down the dirt road to see us. They were so funny, got right up close to the car. They retreated once they took a look at Petey who had his head hanging out the window watching in amazement as the six birds ran full speed towards the car. We continued on over to another location to hopefully find the Long-ear owls that spend the Winter in a certain stand of pines, I easily found three of them. I picked up a half dozen owl pellets for dissecting later on. I love to see what they have been eating. We went on to Oil City Road, nothing notable out there. I did see one Rough-Legged Hawk. After that we stopped at Iron Mountain hiking trail and I let Petey out for a little run. We headed towards home and went to the property we are buying and did a little snowshoeing. A pair of Red-Tails were on the top of our little mountain, and a pair of Pileated Woodpeckers were down by the river cursing from dead tree to dead tree. Wonderful day spent with the best dog ever.

Yesterday on our Snowshoe up at Cascade Lake Park we had a small flock of Robins, and Bluebirds eating multiflora Rose Hips. Beautiful birds against the white backdrop of snow.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Woodchuck Rehab

Today I got in a young Woodchuck Rehab. He was turned into the Humane Society by someone who found him wandering around out in the snow. He is last years youngster, and seems very tame. He is eating well and he looks to be in good health. I have to wonder if someone didn't raise him and release him. I'm going to keep him until the weather warms up and see if I can't do a soft release with him.

Today we got another 7 inches of snow. It was looking like we weren't going to get much more snow and then the last week we have had two storms. Lots of birds at my feeders. I've been seeing Robins daily. The *White* Red Tail has a friend hanging out with them all the time now. Someone in the Mearns club had two Lapland Longspurs out in Pine Island on Saturday. I'll have to get out there birding next weekend.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Finally some snow and a snow day! Everyone was off from school and work, so it was like a mini vacation. Beautiful out, wonderful snowshoe.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Gift of Life

I'm back at living, enjoying the moment. Petey is a gift everyday he is here with me, and I'm not longer taking that for granted. We are back to hiking everyday no matter the time or the weather, he lives for his daily run. Today I even bought him a couple of things, a new name tag that reads, Scratch My Butt! Ordered a case of Bully stick treats and a new stuffie. I also ordered him a special set of pill boxes for his daily handfuls of heart healthy vitamins. This is his life...sick or not he is going to have the best one I can provide.

Lots of activity outside. I've seen Robins several times over the last week. Flock of Cedar Waxwings around too. Had a small flock of Red-Wing Blackbirds two weeks ago. So far NO turkeys. Every couple of days I see a flock that looks to be about 30 birds across the street and in the corn fields. I miss them coming to my feeders. Today during my drive to work there were Redtails everywhere, I think this is their courtship time. The White Redtail on Eagle Road has also found a friend. Would be really interesting to see if the Lunatistic color comes out in any of the offspring they might produce. Big snowstorm coming tomorrow, really looking forward to getting snow...finally!