Friday, March 31, 2017


The other morning we were able to watch our beautiful female tan coywolf.  We were on our way to the doctors and there she was watching a flock of Canada Geese, she was so close to the road that we didn't even need bins.  It really made my heart so happy to see her again.   Nature is doing it's magic, pulling me back into life, opening my eyes to the stunning beauty all around me, making me feel grateful for each breath I get.  Our beautiful planet is heaven.  

On the home front, we are hosting lots of Goldfinch.  This morning a few "Gold" males showed up.  They always take my breath away.  A few Winter birds remain.  WT Sparrows, A.Tree Sparrows, Juncos.  The flock of cardinals is dispersing.  I love waking up and hearing the Spring birds singing.

Thursday, March 30, 2017

A different kind of bird!

So yesterday was the day that Alec decided to finish his final hours to make himself employable to teach.  He first came to Warwick and flew over our home 3x.  It was beyond exciting!  Bobby and I couldn't believe that was our son in that Helicopter flying over us!  As bad as things have been going for me......this was one of my favorite days ever!  There is nothing more fulfilling in this life then watching each of your children live out their dreams.  Alec continued his trip to the city, and then came back over Greenwood Lake and Warwick.  What a thrill. 

Monday, March 27, 2017

A month......

An entire month has passed......and I missed 99% of it. It makes me so sad that I'm wasting time right now.  I came very close to dying 2 weeks ago.  I had gone to NYU and was told that they could no longer treat me with the IT.  I think it hit me so hard that it stopped my desire to keep trying. Next thing I know,  I'm was the hospital, I was on oxygen, a morphine patch, my organs started to shut down, I had nearly a 105 fever on and off for more then a week, I had stopped eating, drinking, every inch of my body broke out in a horrible peeling itchy rash. All of my sons came home. Friends and family gathered around for the 2 weeks.  Its all a blur now. I'm slowly pulling myself back up again, and trying for more time, I'm just not ready to go.  I didn't leave then, so must try no matter how horrible I feel to enjoy each and every final moment I'm given.   Each day was always a a bonus.  I desperately need to feel grateful and be happy for each moment I'm here.  I know that I have the best sons and husband in the entire world.  I am the most blessed women to ever walk the face of this earth.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017


I went up to the Vernal Pool to check and see if there had been any activity during last nights rain.  There were a few Wood Frogs in the Pool! No sign of Spotted Salamanders.  I'm grateful to hear Spring Peepers and Wood Frogs again.  As I hiked along I realized that what I was hearing in the distance was a Thunderstorm coming my way!  Nature in it's rawest form always makes me so excited and happy.  As I listened to the Thunder I had a big grin on my face, and quickened my step.  We were on the field when there was a large clap of thunder and lightning, I found out that I am still able to RUN!  LOL  Monty and I made it to the car a little wetter, and then sat in the car and watched the down pour and lightning.  I'm glad that I got out there today.  

Yesterday we went up to Frost Valley to return Jason to work, we were able to watch two Beavers!   So cool to see them interacting.  

On my birding drives I've been seeing a lot of beautiful ducks.  Wickham Lake is still full of a couple hundred Common Mergs, and there was also a Hooded Merg one of the days.  I had a half dozen GW Teal two days in a row in the swamp on State School Road.  Also 8 Wood Ducks in the same area,  I think they are the most gorgeous of all bird species.  They take my breath away.  There is still a Snow Goose hanging around with a flock of Canadas.  I'm grateful to live so close to areas that I can bird every day.