Sunday, April 15, 2012

lucky day!

Saw my first Veary and heard a couple N. Waterthrush. The Spring birding has officially begun.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Monday, April 9, 2012

Sunday, April 8, 2012

First Public Presentation

On Friday I did my first Wildlife Rehabilitation Presentation to a group of people at Kimberton Camphill Village.  My oldest son asked me to come down and do one for the residents.  It was fun and from now on I will offer to do them for other groups.  There is a great need to educate the public about co-existing with Wildlife.  I am also squirrel sitting for my fellow rehabber.  She has 2 black squirrels, in a litter of 4.  They are a gorgeous color.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Lost faith in the human race

A couple nights ago I was up on the trail close to dusk taking a quick hike with my pup. I ran into some people who I've known a long time. They said for a moment they thought Monty was a coyote, and yelled, fearing for their little dog. Then the man proceeded to tell me that someone else that frequents the trails took it upon himself to shoot and kill four coyotes recently. Because he was afraid that they would grab one of his dogs! I was shocked and outraged and I couldn't control my anger. How dare someone hunt out of season, with out a license in a park that it's illegal to hunt in! HOW DARE THEY KILL FOUR INNOCENT COYOTES THAT VERY WELL MAY HAVE HAD PUPS SOMEWHERE. In the 23 years I've lived and hiked in this town, I have never laid eyes on a coyote on a trail. I am out there every day of the week! I've never heard of even one bothering a single human or dog. What is the hell is wrong with people? Didn't we learn anything about eradicating species from ecosystems? Why are some still trying to do this? I feel violated that someone extinguised the sweet song of a small pack of coyotes. Sick over how cruel and inhumane my fellow humans are. For some reason I thought everyone took to the trails for the same reason I did, to hope for a glimpse of a wild animal, to be one with nature, I was grossly mistaken.  The wildlife was here first, go to a park if you don't want to expose yourself to them. 

Well if there is one thing I know for sure work here has just begun. I am an advocate for wildlife, I will do all I can for the rest of my life to protect wild animals in my town. I lit candles for those poor unfortuante animals, and prayed for the sick human who killed them, that he some how learns something so that he never does this again.

On the bird front, tons of blackbirds gathering again. Trees budding out a bit. All bulbs up and flowered. Weather turned more normal the last few days, 50s during the day and high 30s and 40s at night. Seems like a very normal spring right now.