Wednesday, October 30, 2013


The Juncos have come in overnight, dozens around the yard.  Also RC & GC Kinglets continue to grace my apple and crab-apple trees.   There was a Brown Creeper the last two days, and the 4 species of woodpeckers continue.  Need to get back out to the store and pick up another case of suet for them.  I watched a WB Nuthatch hiding seeds. this morning.  He's saving for a snowy day.  Lucky for him I will be sure he has plenty all winter. Robins and a few Cedar Waxwing checked out the bounty on the crab-apple by the pond.  They will be back later on this winter after the apples freeze. There are several dozen Goldfinch now spending most of their days feeding here. The young GB Hereon has been here every day, hunting in the pond and under the bird feeders.  He is keeping our mice and vole population in check.   Last night D & D saw a large Black Bear walking up the road.  Baby squirrels are looking good.  Always happy to see them surviving on their own after being raised by a human.  There is at least one black squirrel around as well.  Lots of chipmunks busily stocking their larder for the long impending winter. 

Tuesday, October 29, 2013


We are having more normal temperatures for this time of year.  Still no rain.  Last evening it was around 50 degrees at sunset, while out at the Co. Park I saw 2 bats out.  Today there are 4 species of woodpecker in my yard.  Downy, Hairy, RB and YB Sapsucker.  The trees are still all looking stunning, as we have not had any rain in a long time. 

Saturday, October 26, 2013

First Junco!

Yesterday I sighted my first Junco at my feeding station.....sign that Winter is almost here!

Another amazing day at the Hawk Watch!  121 birds!  I'm having a great year! 

Daily Raptor Counts: Oct 25, 2013
Species    Day's Count    Month Total    Season Total
Black Vulture    2    22    47
Turkey Vulture    1    6    9
Osprey    1    18    121
Bald Eagle    2    17    88
Northern Harrier    1    8    35
Sharp-shinned Hawk    64    516    916
Cooper's Hawk    2    26    50
Northern Goshawk    0    0    0
Red-shouldered Hawk    17    34    55
Broad-winged Hawk    0    0    7611
Red-tailed Hawk    27    33    39
Rough-legged Hawk    0    0    0
Golden Eagle    0    1    1
American Kestrel    0    20    110
Merlin    1    8    13
Peregrine Falcon    0    7    13
Unknown Accipiter    1    3    3
Unknown Buteo    2    3    6
Unknown Eagle    0    0    0
Unknown Falcon    0    0    1
Unknown Raptor    0    2    20
Total:    121    724    9138

Observation start time:    08:00:00
Observation end time:    16:00:00
Total observation time:    8 hours

Strong winds out of the WNW, complete cloud cover for most of the day. Temperatures ranged from 4c to 8c.

Raptor Observations:
1 Unknown Northern Harrier. 17 Red-shouldered Hawks, 3 adults,14 unknown. 2 Adult Bald Eagles flew directly over the platform and proceeded South. An additional Adult Bald Eagle was watched North of the platform and did not migrate South,it was not counted. 1 female Kestrel flew West of the platform and down into the valley, it was not counted.

Non-raptor Observations:
2174 Canada Geese,1 Yellow-rumped Warbler, 1 Golden-crowned Kinglet, 1 Ruby-crowned Kinglet, 22 Cedar Wax-wings, 3 Red-wing Blackbirds, 25 Double-crested Cormorants, 2 Ravens, 3 local Red-tailed Hawks, 1 Flicker, 2 Red-bellied Woodpeckers,3 Gulls. Multiple Chickadee, Nuthatch, Tufted-titmouse & Blue-jays around the platform most of the day.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Great Blue Heron

We have been host to a Great Blue Heron for over a month now.  First it polished off all of my goldfish and now it's been working on my frogs.  It's a young bird, so I've been a bit concerned that it is spending too much time in my now empty pond.  Yesterday I went out and purchased 3 dozen feeder goldfish and put them in the pond for the heron, thinking like a Wildlife Rehabilitator that getting this bird stronger, it would migrate a little further south soon.  They need to stay for the winter in an area where there is no ice coverage on the water ways...or so I thought!  I just watched the GBH impale and swallow whole an adult Chipmunk! It was amazing although a bit upsetting to witness nature in action.  I think that the bird is going to be fine!

Here's the animal's message:Seems way too spot on! 

Important Great Blue Heron Teaching: Self Confidence
“The Great Blue Heron is a lone hunter. He is the largest of the Heron and is magnificent in flight. He may often appear to have no structure or organization to his habit, but this is far from the truth. It is a matter of perception. Heron teaches us to stand on our own so that we are not dependent upon others.” Copyright: Unknown.
Great Blue Heron’s Teachings Include:
“Heron medicine is the power of knowing the self by discovering its gifts and forcing its challenges. It is the ability to accept all feeling and opinions without denying any emotion or thought.” Copyright: “Medicine Cards”, Jamie Sams and David Carson.
Great Blue Heron’s Wisdom Includes:
Aggressive Self-determination
Thorough Involvement
Being Methodical
Living in Solitude

If Heron has come wading across your path;

It is time to look deeper into aspects of your life that will bring out innate wisdom and show you how to become self-reliant. Are you grounding yourself regularly? Heron teaches that grounding yourself in the earth and your spiritual beliefs will help you discover emotional insights more clearly and more quickly.
Alternatively he could be teaching you how how to become comfortable in uncertain situations and to be watchful of opportunities to arise so that you can quickly grasp them and move on.


Tuesday, October 22, 2013


We finally had a bear last night!  He was the biggest one I've seen in a long time.  He managed to get in our trash, because our garbage collector failed to pick ours up the day before.  So happy we still have them around.

Last Friday I had a great day at the Hawk Watch 122 birds. 99 were Sharpies.  First bird of the day was a close Osprey right at 9am. I knew it was a sign.  Lots of Eagle activity, multiple times a pair came from the N but didn't migrate. They chased other Eagles that did migrate.  Loads of fun.  Fall folage was at it's peak, so it made it even more delightful up on the mountain.  Winds were out of the West, about 12 mph.  60 degrees.  Say goodbye to those temps.  This week it's only going to be 50 with strong NNW winds.  I better dress warm!  Layers...lots of layers! 

I took in 3 squirrels and a Chipmunk to ready them for release for another rehabber. They all are wild and free and seem to be doing really well.  They finally found the feeder yesterday.

Another stunning full moon this month.  A hunters moon. It was so crisp and clear out, a perfect Fall night.  I watched it for a while with my scope  and saw many birds migrating in front of it. Just amazing that they fly at night.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Great Blue Heron

For the past couple of weeks we have had a young Great Blue Heron visiting our pond.  In no time at all he whipped out all my goldfish and most of the frogs.  He continues to come.  Yesterday Monty chased him up on to the canopy, and I stood looking up and he flew over my head.  Pretty cool to have a big bird like that almost touching you while in flight.  This morning I was still in bed having my tea and all of a sudden, he landed on top of the canopy right near my bedroom window!  I watched him for about 5 minutes until he flew down into the pond. What a beautiful bird.  Again I'm drawn to Animal Symbols, since so many wild birds have been around me lately. This is what I came up with. 

The medicine of the Great Blue Heron is one of self-determination and self-reliance, as a water dweller they are closely related to the energy of emotions and going with the flow of life.  Their long and steady legs are symbolic of the ability to stand on one’s own, as the Heron is a lone hunter it signifies the ability of one to be able to tap into their own greatness and power to sustain and fulfill themselves on their way.   In the spiritual sense the Great Blue carries the message of connecting and exploring other realms while connected here on earth.  Those that carry the medicine of Great Blue’s are ones that can be termed Jack of all Trades, needing a life where they can engage in a variety of activities and dimensions while on earth, living in a way where they are pulled in the direction of the unique flow of their heart and path and often times in a way that goes against the structured and “secure” way of societal norm.  (Animal Speak by Ted Andrews)

Last week while we were away my son found a gorgeous baby Milk Snake in our home.  I asked him to put it in one of my reptile cages so I could see it when I returned home.  What a beautiful creature.  

On today's hike, the forest was full of migrating birds.  Lots of Thrush, Ruby-crowned and Golden-crowned Kinglets.  The weather today is gorgeous, a warm 74 degrees, beautiful blue skies and nice clouds. 

Yesterday I had another pitiful time at the hawk watch...9 Birds total!

Eagle message

Yesterday while manning the Hawk Watch for my 8 hour shift I had my best and longest view of a Adult Bald Eagle that I've ever had.  I've seen a lot of eagles over my life time.....this sighting was really special. He came from the North, flying just over the tree tops and stayed for about 10 minutes circling just out from the platform.  He gave us awesome views as he leisurely glided in the sky.   He slowly went back north and was not counted.  He just came for a visit and to bring me a message.  This portion of an article, Fly like an eagle is from Pure Spirit written by Trish Phillips. 

The Lesson

Bald Eagle ProfileWhen Eagle appears to you it means that you are being put on notice. Eagle totems appear to inspire (push) you to reach higher and become more than you think you are capable of. They tell you to be courageous and really stretch your limits and see what you can do. They bring a sense of courage and a desire to explore and grow. To dream of a flying eagle or one who is perched high signifies good fortune or victory coming your way. If it scares you or attacks you it means there are some self-imposed limitations you need to push through.

The lesson of the eagle is to take a look from where it sees. You must have the courage to relinquish stale and comfortable habits and beliefs to soar into unknown realms and new realities - continually expanding your view. Now is the time to take full responsibility for your life and be prepared for instant destiny. As your spiritual awareness increases, the positive and negative ramifications will become more immediate and have greater force.

Ask for eagle help when:
  • The details of day-to-day living have you feeling weighed down and you have lost sight of the larger perspective.
  • You are faced with a number of tough choices regarding work, relationships or life transitions.
  • You're not sure how to integrate recent spiritual insights and revelations into your day-to-day life.
  • You feel you are expending way too much energy to get the job done.
Access eagle's power by…
  • Being patient. Know that this animal spirit guide does not come easily or immediately.
  • Writing down judgments you have about others and noting how these are projections of similar aspects or traits you deny are part of yourself.
  • Each evening, recording a list of 10 things for which you are grateful that happened that day. Do this every night for at least 21 days.
  • Go to an area where you can observe all that is below - the top of a tall building, a hilltop - and take in as much as you can. Take several slow, deep breaths as you do.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Hawk Magic

Today while out on my daily hike I had the most magical experience with a little sharp-shinned hawk.  As I hiked on the west side of the big field at the Co. Park I noticed a Sharpie flying over the field on the East side.  I put the bins up to the bird and stood and watched it.  I soon realized that the bird was heading right towards me!   It was flying straight on to me, right towards my head and getting closer and closer when suddenly...Monty ran up and the bird veered away from me!  It was such an intense moment that afterwards and I stood thinking...did that just really happen?  What an intense moment with such a awesome bird.  I felt the need to look up Hawk medicine.  

The Hawk is an animal totem that symbolizes the messenger of the gods.  Hawk medicine assists in the skills of observation of your surroundings. You are prompted to observe everything that you do. You are receiving signal and signs all around you so be aware.  The magic of life is presenting itself to you. This is an empowering magic that can assist you in overcoming current stress-filled and difficult situations. There is great power waiting patiently to be called upon. Is this a power that you have and are not using? Are the solutions foggy due to the loss of your inner focus and Hawk totem energy? Is Divine Love presenting a gift that you only need to accept? Now is the time to PAY ATTENTION to your Hawk guidance. You are being called upon. You are only as powerful as your capacity to perceive, receive and use your abilities.  Right now is a good time to use your intuitive ability to discern the message carried within the cry of the Hawk. The shrillness of the Hawk’s call pierces the state of unawareness, and asks you to seek the truth. If the Hawk comes to you, then it is a sign to beware or be aware. The cry of the Hawk animal totem signals the need for you to heighten awareness and receive a message.

Sounds pretty fitting as my journey to this next stage of life begins.  I decided that I want to get a job, and I will only do Meaningful work.   I'm putting that intention out to the Universe and I know that something will happen now that I've made my intention known.  

My hike today was simply terrific.  I spent a joyous 2 hours out in amazing fall weather.  I did some exercising while out there and it felt good.  I'm also still feeling so incredibly centered.  A sense of peace that I have not felt in years.  Something has changed in my body and soul.  I think sticking to this diet and then putting myself in Maine for a healing week has helped me tremendously to start on the road to total health.  I love how I'm feeling both mentally and physically and there is no way I'm going to mess it up with any more poor life choices. 

Lots of wood warblers and kinglets around the yard.   I now have 3 squirrels and a chipmunk to get ready for release.   I look forward to them finding their rightful place in nature. 

Tuesday, October 8, 2013


Since coming home from my amazing time on the coast of Maine, I feel infinitely better!  I feel centered and calm.  I must have really needed the peace and quiet and time to think. 

Sunday, October 6, 2013

24 hours

The final 24 hours of the trip was truly perfect.  For the very first time in my adult life I did what I wanted to do while on this vacation.  I ate what I wanted and did exactly what I felt like for 7 straight days.  Having spent the last 26 years consumed with raising my 4 sons and taking care of my hubby, I've entered a mid-life crisis where I feel it's life is going far to quickly to not do what I love, and do it with out guilt.  Guilt is a very big problem with me. I never feel like I deserve the good things in my life.  The  7 days at the cottage was a perfect vacation  for me.  It took me a few days to stop worrying about my hubby not being totally bored. I  spent huge amounts of time just watching the ocean, looking at birds and star gazing. I slept in a cozy comfortable bed with the windows wide open each night so I could hear and smell the scent of the ocean.  I awoke to the sound of the ocean, and magnificent sunrises that I didn't even have to get out of bed for.  Each day I hiked in a private forest with the Balsam scents that remind me of Maine. I  marveled at the ground covering mosses.  I've never seen so many acres covered with moss.  It was a stunning forest and I was totally unable to capture it's vast beauty in photos.  All sorts of varieties of lichens and mosses covered every rock and tree. Each more interesting then the next.   Birds, squirrel songs and chatter filling the air.  Time with my spotting scope watching Harbor Seals while I sipped delicious hot tea.  Bald Eagles and Osprey showing up randomly.  Thoughtfully prepared breakfast, lunches and dinners that rivaled any meal I could have purchased at a restaurant.  Fresh organic veggies and daily caught Lobsters, clams and Haddock.  Afternoons spent walking on a local beach, playing ring toss with the pup.  Fires in the wood-stove.  No tv or radio blaring. Actually little talk.  Time for clearing out my head.  The only meal we ate out was just before we set out on our journey home, we ate at the Dip Net in Port Clyde. I had Lobster Eggs Benedict  It was simply delicious,  perfectly cooked and the best Benedict I've ever eaten.  It has surpassed the memorable one I had in the grand Tetons made with smoked trout.  My heart and soul are rested, and I feel centered and less scattered.  I have a plan.  I need to really dig in and simplify my life.  It is time to get rid of the stuff.

Friday, October 4, 2013


Another amazing day in Maine.  Just soaking in every last drop of stunning beauty.  Breathing deeply the salty air and listening to the hypnotic ocean waves lapping the shore.  Truly heaven on earth.

Last night we slept with the bedroom windows and shades wide open.   I got up during the night and looked at the sky full of stars over the vast ocean.  The sound of the ocean lulled me into a very deep restful sleep.  This morning we had another incredible sunrise while still in bed.  No way to describe just how beautiful it is to watch the changing colors as the sun comes up x the ocean.  The most amazing shades of oranges I've ever witnessed.  I have never watched  this many sunrises on a weeks vacation. Later   I watched the 6 seals on the rocks while I sipped a cup of tea.  Right now I have all the windows open and the loons are calling.

Last sunset. Water is so calm. We are packed up and the place is clean,  lobster dinner soon.

Thursday, October 3, 2013


Nothing better then starting the day with an amazing sunrise except.....looking out at the ocean and seeing 2 harbor seals lounging on the rocks in front of the cottage.  Hot Tea in hand, I headed out to the deck with my bins and spotting scope and watched the  duo for more then a half hour. Shortly before the tide came in and floated them off the rocks, another  seal swam in and looked at them.  What a delightful way to start the day!  I can watch wildlife for hours and never get bored.

We went on a Morning hike thru the sphagnum bog. The forest is amazing. The floor is covered with moss and lichens.  Tall conifers fill the landscape.  Red squirrels announce your arrival as you meander thru the trails.  The have have huge piles of pine cone seeds where they sit and eat.  Pileated woodpeckers fly thru the canopy.  The scent is intoxicating.

Another blissful day in tenants harbor.  Tonight I was blessed to look out at the rocks further out from our cottage and low and behold there were 6 seals hauled out on the rocks! I was able to watch them with the spotting scope  until the tide rose above their rocks and pushed them back into the sea.  They try so hard to stay on the rocks until the very last second.    I thoroughly enjoyed myself.  I truly missed my calling...should have been a wildlife field biologist.  I never tire of watching wildlife.   Other people get bored within minutes, I can watch for hours.   During our trip to Yellowstone this past spring I found that to be one wanted to watch a sow and cub for an hour, I couldn't get enough, everyone else was in the car eating granola bars.....I was glued to my scope!

Although after this week of pure bliss, I've found no resolution of what to do with my life now as my children leave home......I feel very peaceful and happy .  :-) This has been an amazing week.  So very blessed to be able to stay in such an amazing home with the most spectacular views ever .    BLESSED beyond words.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Wild comfort

This was written by Kathleen Moore in her book wild comfort. I carry it with me.

Life and death are all or nothing. When you die it's done.  The chance is gone. So when you live? When you live, make it all. Don't wait for the pain to stop. Climb out of your tent with your mind engaged, your senses a blaze and let rain pour on you. You are what you do.  Be the kindness of soft rain.  Be the beauty of light behind a tall fir. Be gratitude-be gladness.


This cottage is  so amazing and perfect, that the master bed is raised up so you can see the sunrise from the beautiful windows that frame the ocean view. This mornings sunrise was the most breathtaking I've ever seen.   I laid in bed and watched it's splendor  unfold. Experiencing such beauty reminded me that nature is right outside our windows 365 days a year. It is always available to lift your spirits.  You don't need to be in a beautiful cottage on the coast of Maine, although that sure is an awesome way to experience it.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013


I have found the perfect vacation home ! So perfect in fact, my hubby used the floor plan to completely design our future home! He has been having a great time drawing it out for the last 4 days.  The window views from this home are more amazing then any home I've ever been in.   You can see vast views of the ocean from not only the east facing windows both upstairs and down, but in he down stairs great room from the  windows that wrap the dinning room and living room.  You wake up looking directly at the sunrise over the ocean. This morning while drying  my hair in the children's bedroom, I realized that I could watch the ocean the entire time from the mirror.  The kitchen has no upper cabinets just windows that bring nature right into the home. All the views are an ever changing painting that takes your breath away.  We have been cooking incredible meals and dining while watching the ocean. Appetizers are awesome down on the rocks. I'm in love with this home and location.

After only three nights here I feel a sense of joy that I haven't experienced in a long time.  The hypnotic sound of the ocean waves, the scent of the ocean breeze has restored me to my former self.  I've found my center again.

I started the Kamana one class yesterday but decided to start again when I return home.