Wednesday, January 28, 2015

It's time to get back on track

It's been a really tough couple of days for me.  It was time for hubbies cancer testing and I was walking a dog for a women who was actively dying from cancer.  It was super traumatic for me to watch her decline over the last 7 weeks.Being the caregiver I am, I wanted so badly to just take care of her. To do anything I could to help her and make her feel better.  I tried my best to surround myself with positive thoughts and to stay in the moment. I did pretty well over the last couple of weeks. I knew in my heart last Monday when I picked her little dog up and took him for a hike that I would never see her again.  I fell apart once I heard she had died on Sunday. Hubbys test results came in Tuesday night,  our news was good,  his scans were clean!  Today is a new day, a new fresh start for me.  I aim to stop worrying about everyone else and get to work on my own peace of mind.  I need to get back to living in the moment.  Pick myself up and get living this precious life.  ENJOY today!

This is a picture of my client and her precious little dog.  I will keep her memory close to may heart and try to live my life to the fullest like she did.  She chose to spend everyday right up until her last month out there in nature hiking with her pup.  She hired me when she got too weak,  so that her dog could continue with his wonderful life outside.  I think the dog gave her much more quality time then she would have had with out him.  Another case of who rescued who?  He came into her life when her cancer battle began.  May the four winds blow you safely home again Nancy.  May Niko bring your family comfort during this tragic time of mourning your untimely passing.Your strength and love of life will forever be an inspiration to me. 

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Cape May

Unfortunately my birthday pelagic birding trip was cancelled due to a storm. We couldn't get a refund on the room so we decided to go anyway. We stayed at The star. We had a small view of the ocean from our room. It rained all day and the wind was fierce. There was not much to do outside in nature, which completely reaffirmed  WHY we don't go to populated tourist areas for vacations. Cape May does have wild unspoiled areas, but most of it is completely built up. I couldn't help dreaming of our gorgeous retreat on the coast of Maine-I will be sending our deposit in this week, to insure we treat ourselves next Fall to that blissful week.   We did have a couple of delicious  meals and spent some much needed time alone, so all was not lost. Woohoo biggest bonus of the weekend: sleeping with open windows and a wild storm sea!!! The hipnotic sound of waves crashing. Ocean healing at its finest. 

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Window Feeder

Yesterday I had a special visitor on my window feeder.  A single Pine Siskin.  I enjoyed watching the birds while I did paper work. 

Friday, January 16, 2015

Bob cat tracks

This past Sunday we took an 8 mile hike up in Harriman state park. Glorious day. We happened on a duo of bob cat tracks. Love walking in the snow and seeing what dogs clearly can smell has gone on the night before.                          

Praying Mantis Nest

Today while walking a dog in his yard I found a Forsythia bush filled with Praying Mantis nests. Such a pretty sight on a bitter cold day. 

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Hiking App

On New Years Day morning as we were walking out the door to join our good friends for a hike I quickly down loaded a map my hike app on my phone.  We did a wonderful 5.06 mile hike, gorgeous blue skies although a little cold we warmed up pretty quickly as we hiked.  We brought our dogs, so they had a nice time doing triple our mileage. Monday I started using another app to track the dog walks I do.  Today I decided to see how many miles I've walked and hiked since the first day of they year.  I did at total of 32.6 since the year started!  I missed one day due to rain.  I think that I may be addicted to racking up the miles!  So much fun to see how far you are actually going, and it pushes you to do more and not miss days.  It was very cold this week and I didn't blow Monty off at all.  Last weeks total was 26.6, pretty good for six days. 

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Full Moon upon us

This is from  I get a email from them once a month. I really like this. The full moon will be on Monday (or Sunday for certain time zones). It is the first full moon of the new year 2015, and no doubt, one or two of you may have already forged out plans and good resolutions. Forget it! The more you are clinging to an ideal in the future, the more you manifest the lack in the present. Our life is good, when we are without thoughts and intention and when we reflect on our inner nature. Because the good in us is life.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

New Year

First thing this morning we had a Male Coop come in the yard and nab a Starling.  Hard to see the poor starling struggling, but its nature.  Everyone has to eat. We started off 2015 on the right foot, with a wonderful 5 mile hike up on the AT.  I truly feel like a million bucks right now.  So wonderful to get out there!