Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The right path....

I've been very busy the last couple of weeks getting ready for my sons college Graduation Party. This morning I decided to get the dogs and myself out for a hike nice and early. Once we were out there....I knew it was the right decision, it's always the best part of my day. Being in nature seems to take away all of my stress and fills me back up like nothing else I can do with only a little time available. I followed my heart and decided to add another trail loop to our little hike and I was handsomely rewarded with not one...but TWO bears....and best of all...a perfect recall from my bear chasing Petey! I've seen these bears before, I think they are about 2.5 years old now. We came around a bend and there they were. I don't think the bears were able to hear us coming because after two days of rain, it is quite windy out this morning It made my day to see the bears, to share their woods with them is an honor, one that I never take for granted. I feel that seeing them is a gift, to have intact ecosystems to hike in so close to home makes me feel like I've won the lottery every day of my life.

Saturday, August 14, 2010


I think the Wrens are finally done nesting! The last two nests fledged last week. One was a House Wren with five chicks who nested on our front porch in a bird box and the other was a Carolina Wren who nested in our window box, also with five babie. In our little yard we had at least 6 successful nestings of wrens. I will miss their daily calling. It was a privilege to be their hosts and help them be successful. I will miss the male singing all day long.


I haven't been writing too often. I've been VERY busy raising my new puppy and spending time with my boy Petey. I've also had lots of kids around with my sons home from college. They leave in a week, and I am starting to feel sad. I will miss them. Last week it was nice to spend quality time with them up at Lake George. I rented a beautiful cottage right on the water. The dogs were able to come too.

It has been a brutally hot Summer, not one that I've enjoyed. I like the temperature up to about 80 degrees, any higher and I'm not comfortable. Today it is glorious out! I went for a nice little hike, and felt so good and happy. Amazing how the weather effects your moods. It is Breezy and cool, smells a little like an early Fall. Lots of the trees have already changed. It's been so dry and hot I think they are trying to conserve energy.

We were up at our property last night and for the first time it really sunk in that it is ours. That we will live there someday. I went back today and sat at the Tipi and saw it all with new eyes. Such an amazing piece of land. I am so thankful that it fell into our laps. It was meant to be. If you want something bad enough it does come to you. We are going forward with doing a Conservation easement to forever protect it. The Orange County Land Trust and Warwick Conservancy are going to partner in the easement. They both are very excited to have it become one of their parcels of protected lands, it is very different then anything else they have.

I had my beautiful boy Petey into the Cardiologist this past week and unfortunately his heart disease has progressed. I'm back to looking at him and crying. Trying so hard to imprint him on my mind so I will have him with me forever after he passes. He is simply the best dog to have ever gotten into my heart. I love him so much it hurts. He is now on the best drug for prolonging his life, I hope and pray it slows the disease down, I need more time with him. Gods biggest mistake....not giving Dogs longer lives.