Thursday, October 21, 2010

Purple Finches

My backyard bird feeders are starting to become more interesting as the birds of Winter all return. For about a week now I've had close to a dozen Purple Finches, only two males and about eight females. Sunday we also had a Red Breasted Nuthatch stop for a snack. About two dozen Goldfinches have been hanging around for weeks now and we are hopefully expecting some Red-pole in a few weeks and maybe a small irruption of Pine Siskins. I purchased two new eighteen perch thistle feeders and fifty pounds of nigar seed. I'm really hopeful to host lots of rarer birds for the Winter. They sure make a dreary Winter so much fun. If they show up here at my house I will keep them well fed.

The hawk watch has been fantastic this year. As of this week we have more Bald Eagles then any other year before. 70! I'm hopeful for a couple more tomorrow as I'm expecting NW winds, and some good cloud cover. At the Watch last Friday I had two Eagles migrate over, very close above my head, what a thrill. The weekend before we hiked up to the top of the AT overlooking Greenwood Lake and also had two migrate over. Our good friends were visiting and were blown away by the sighting. Every time I see a Bald Eagle it brings my memory back to seeing my very first eagle with my Grandpa Scott. Shortly after my grandparents retired to Punta Gorda Florida I went down for a visit. Knowing how much I loved nature, my grandpa couldn't wait to show me to his discovery across the street from his trailer complex, a Bald Eagle nest! He and I took a walk and there was the nest, complete with a eaglet. Later one of the adults came back to the nest. The year was 1979, one year after the majestic bird was listed as an endangered species. If I remember correctly there were only around 900 breeding pairs in the entire United States.

I had the best ride to work this morning. Not one other car in front of me, or behind me while traveling over both mountains. The trees are at their peak of glory. The colors of the leaves are so brilliant that you can't help but feel blessed to see their beauty. I had a delicious cup of Hot Tea in hand, a Pearl Jam boot leg playing and my favorite Doberman sitting next to me, it felt more like a planned trip to see beautiful sites then a commute to work. Nature is free for the taking...everyday can be special if you just open your eyes and look around. Be in the moment and take it all in. I am a blessed human being.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Friday, October 1, 2010


The three biggest blessings in my life have been, my hubby, my sons and my deep abiding love of nature. Each time I head out for my daily hike, it's like being given a beautifully wrapped present just begging to be opened. I never know what surprises awaits me inside the gift of a forest. Nature changes by the moment, each day so different and so much to see then the moment before. It's been raining hard for two days and I know one thing for sure that few people head out into the woods, because I can count on not seeing anyone while I'm out there. Today was just as glorious as any fair weather day, but so much more special to know you are the only human out there. The dogs and I had a wonderful time and came home wet, but happier then when we went. I can't wait for tomorrows gift! Get out there and enjoy!