Saturday, January 30, 2016

Terrifying day

Photo by Kevin Kriescher

Photo by Kevin Kriescher
 Yesterday Bobby and I went out to find the local Albino Red-tailed Hawk, which we did!  We had incredible close views of this gorgeous bird.  We didn't even need to get out of the car.  We then drove to a little parking area to let Monty out, so he could run around for a little while.  We got out of the car, Bobby let Monty out of his seat belt,  and then we proceeded up a tiny incline. Bobby helping me as I didn't have proper foot wear on for the snow and ice.  We glanced over the field and Monty was NO WHERE in sight!  I got a very bad feeling right away. This was not like Monty at all! We called and called.  Bobby found his trail and started after him.  I posted on FB, called the Humane Society, police, all with in 45 minutes. I kept driving around the area.   Lots of our wonderful friends came out to help.  Bobby stayed on his trail the entire time. Monty never doubled back, once he crossed the road, he knew he was lost, and he started to head towards home.  Bobby was able to follow his trail even across roads because Monty's foot was bleeding. Eventually Monty ran through a new home construction site and was seen by the workers only a half hour before.  Who could possibly miss  a 90# male doberman wearing a red fleece jacket???  Bobby and our friend Marty got on the trail from the construction site which headed up on top of a ridge and they followed him for hours.  He never wavered in his journey for many miles.  At one point as it started getting dark, Monty ran back and forth many times and then went down off the ridge.  Bobby called and called, then heard Monty barking his scared bark way off in the distance.  Bobby headed down, and there he was.  Monty was so terrified that he just stared at Bobby, in a couple of minutes ended up jumping all over him and kissing him.  6 terrifying hours.  I have the best husband in the entire world.  How did I end up with such an amazing human being to walk though life with? 

Grateful for my hubby and all our friends.  I've never felt more loved in my entire life. 

Sunday, January 24, 2016


I begin a strong chemo regime on Monday. My amazing hubby just moved some of my bird feeders to the front of our home and put my recliner in front of the window. I can now easily watch the birds all day long. Seeing nature outside my window will definitely keep me in the moment and my spirits up!

Friday, January 15, 2016


My news was not good.  I have a big battle ahead of me.  I'm going to concentrate on my loved ones, and friends.  Nothing else is important to me.  One day at a time.  Enjoy each moment. 

Monday, January 11, 2016


Hawk is akin to Mercury, the messenger of the gods. Hawk medicine teaches you to be observant, to look at your surroundings. Observe the obvious in everything that you do. Life is sending you signals. Life in the initiation. If you have pulled the Hawk card, then right now a clue about the magic of life is being brought to you. This magic can imbue you with the power of overcome a currently stressful or difficult situation. The test is  your ability to observe the nuances of power lurking nearby. Is power the talent you have and are not using? Are solutions always hard to find because you have lost the broader vision of Hawk? Or is the Great Spirit displaying a gift that you need only to receive? Have the colors of the morning inspired you to create? Of has the loominess of a present situation left you earthbound, unable to hear the voice within the raindrops splashing on your window? Pay attention! You are only as powerful as your capacity to What is called for here is an intuitive ability to discern the message carried with the cry of Hawk. The shrillness of Hawk's call pierces the state of awareness, and asks you to seek the truth. The Ancients recognized this magnificent bird of prey as a messenger bringing tidings to their Earth Walk, the Good Red Road, from the world of the grandfathers and grandmothers who lived before them. If Hawk were to magically cry, it was a sign to beware or be aware. This could mark the coming of a warring tribe, the birth of a child, or the celebration of counting coup. Hawk's cry signalled the need for the beholder to heighten awareness and receive a message. Hawk medicine is a totem that is filled with responsibility, because Hawk people see the overall view. Hawk is not like Mouse, who sees everything through a magnifying glass. Hawk medicine people are aware of omens, messages from the spirit, and the color of the calling card you gave them three months ago. No detail slips by them unnoticed. If Hawk has circled and landed in your card spread, you are to be aware of  signals in your life - so notice and receive them. Hawk may be teaching you to grab an opportunity which is coming your way. On the other hand, Hawk may be bringing you the message that you should circle over your life, and examine if from a higher perspective. From this vantage point you may be able to discern the hazards which bar you from freedom of flight. Remember: Hawk has a keen eye and a bold heart, for Hawk flies close to the light of Father Sun.  Sams & Carson

Tuesday, January 5, 2016



After a few days of subfreezing temperatures, the pond is now mostly frozen over, only a small area of open water remains.  I spent and hour watching at least 2 of the otters surfacing in the open water every few minutes.  One continuously climbed out of the water and sat on the ice calling, he was breaking my heart.  His calls sounded so sad.  After a while he disappeared in the water under the ice and didn't come up again.  They must be living in one of the beaver houses.  I will miss them.  It's been so much fun to get to know this family.  

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Bucket List

  1. Build our own home Start 2016!
  2. Trip to Africa January/February 2017
  3. Trip to Hawaii
  4. CRESLI 2 day Whale/Pelagic trip off of Montauk Summer 2017
  5. Go to camp! Hog Island Audubon Camp in Maine, Spring Maine Seabird Biology &  Ecology Spring 2017
  6. River of Raptors in Veracruz Mexico Fall 2018
  7. See Sea Turtles lay eggs and hatchlings take to the sea 2019?
  8. Attend Black Bear Field Study with Lynn Rogers in Ely MN Summer 2018
  9. Spend an entire week in Yellowstone National Park watching wildlife SOON!