Saturday, October 22, 2011

Great day...I'm back

Bear at our land.

I'm having a blissful morning. There is NOTHING that I have to do today.No one is at home which is so rare. I'm Drinking coffee, enjoying my wonderful peaceful life and doing some writing. I did some thinking yesterday while I spent seven hours up at the Hawk Watch. How lucky am I to be living this life, that when I was a kid I could only dream about? I grew up in the heart of suburbia. I so wanted to live in an area that I could immerse myself in Nature everyday. Some how, I've made it happen. For the last 23 years I've lived in this beautiful town, surrounded by more wildlife on a daily basis then most people see in a lifetime. I can look out my window and see one of the most magnificent creatures that live on earth, bears. I have several parks where I can be enjoying the outdoors with in minutes of deciding to go. I can't even begin to imagine just how awesome it will be to finally build our log cabin on that gorgeous piece of property that has even more wildlife then where we live now. And recently becoming a certified naturalist and wildlife rehabilitater. My heart is singing....LIFE IS INDEED GOOD!

Nice Backyard birds this am Y.B.Sapsucker, RC Kinglet. first W.T. Sparrow! Lots of chickadees, Nuthatch and TTmouse.

Awesome hike up in the Co. Park. The most gorgeous fall day I can ever remember and no one, not a single soul was up on the trails or in the fields! There are literally thousands of cars cursing into Warwick to enjoy the Fall colors, but no one hits the trails. Birds of note today Swainsons thrush, Towee, Kinglets, W.T. Sparrow, first Junco of the year and the bird of the the WB Nuthatch! They were everywhere!

Hawk watch count for yesterday, with Westerly winds and complete cloud cover, 173 birds total, 4 Bald eagles and 5 Merlin. Also saw 3 Brant flying with a canada goose. 11 Monach butterflies.

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