Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Feeling lost.....

There is nothing on this earth that feeds my soul better then getting out into nature daily. No matter how I'm feeling it always helps me to see the world clearly again. It is my drug of choice to heal my heavy heart. I can fully escape from what ever is getting me down just by stepping out into the woods. It helps me to make decisions that getting clouded by the chaos of daily living. I now know why I'm feeling so lost with out my Petey....he was my hiking partner, he was part of my nature tonic for the last four and a half years. When I'm out there, I miss him terribly. I feel like my soul is screaming for him. I feel lost. He wasn't *just a dog*, he was my dog. My constant companion, he knew me inside and out. I miss the simple bliss of just being with him sitting on the side of a mountain or in a pine forest, or at the side of a lake. I miss his zoomies, always thanking me for taking him. I miss his Dobe smile, his utter joy of living in the moment. I miss him making me go for a hike by poking me and barking at me until I put my shoes on. I MISS PETEY. What we had was very special. I hope that Monty and I can build the same kind of quiet understanding, the same bond. I know it will take time, strong bonds with dogs are earned with time together. For now.....we are out there everyday working on it, in Petey's honor.

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