Thursday, October 6, 2011

The're back!

The last two nights I've been awoken by lots of noise in the backyard. The first night horrifying noise, the rehab squirrel cage being knocked over. I knew immediately it was a bear. I was up in a flash and ran down stairs, outback and began banging and yelling, I looked under our patio canopy and there was still a bear there! I couldn't believe that he was being so brazen. It's rare for them not to run at the first sign of humans, especially when there is that kind of noise. Bobby ended up throwing two fire crackers and the bear finally left. Just before that he stood at the end of the patio and stared at me. He was a little guy about the same age as Monty. Only about the same height, but he weighed more then a hundred pounds. I was able to right the cage, one squirrel was out, the other settled back in his nest box. I left the outside light on and the cage open. The next morning I took the nest box out of the cage and left the squirrel some food. He spent the early morning exploring the trees and feeders. I left for work. Later on that morning I received a call, it was my son, Jason said the bear was at the house again. That is what these pictures are from. He did scare him away. Early this morning I awoke again to lots of noise,knew instantly it was the bear again, flew open the window and had a thought...I'll be there are TWO. Sure enough there were! They were under the apple tree pigging out on all the apples on the ground. I now know why it seemed like the bear didn't get out for under the canopy during the squirrel ordeal, the first one did, his bro didn't! Lets see what tonight brings.....

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