Sunday, October 16, 2011

Oops someone left the fryer pot on the deck

This is what happens when you leave a large pot full of cooking oil on an open deck and there are hungry bears roaming around. We had people to dinner and ended up running out and forgetting to lock the pot back up in the garage. Derek was in the Living room in the early hours of this morning when he heard a loud crash. He looked outside to see the mess.

The weather is GORGEOUS this weekend. Last night we had a small gathering of friends and family up at our Tipi. The moon came up while we were all arriving, it was stunning. The air was crisp and scented with fall. We hope to spend much more time at the tipi now that we have furniture. I feel so at home on our land.

Hawk Watch on Friday was a bust, 6 total birds, rainy on and off all day. I do love being up there and watching the change of seasons. Having so many hours to stand in one spot helps me to stay in the moment and really observe nature, each minute detail of it.

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