Monday, October 3, 2011

Monty and I had a fantastic hike today. We went up to the AT over looking Greenwood Lake, via Cascade Lake Park. We were out about 3 hours total. Bird migration was in full force everywhere we wandered. The overlook was filled with migrating Raptors, 1 Eagle, 3 Osprey, 1 Red Shoulder, 1 Sharpie and lots of Red Tails and Vultures playing in the wind. Other notable birds, lots of Phoebes, Towees, King Fisher, Wood Duck, Nashville, Prairie and C. Yellow-throat Warblers. Only one turtle remained sunning himself on a log. Sad to see the warm weather leaving us for the year. Upon returning home a lone Hummingbird was feeding on all the flowers in my garden. I filled up the feeder with fresh nectar for her. Hoping her migration is successful and she gets to her Winter home below Southern Mexico.

Over the weekend I took two shifts up at the Hawk Watch. Friday I did an 8 hour shift and had 152 birds and Sunday I did 7 hours for a total of 65 birds. Lots of great company, beautiful birds, I enjoyed myself completely. Yesterday was the Applefest here in Warwick, the roads were jammed with people, I was asked to count because no one wants to try and drive to or from Warwick on Applefest day. The entire time I was up at the watch I thought about just how blessed I am to have such a undying love for all of nature, how it carries me through my life like nothing else. No way I'd trade a bad day up at the watch for a single Applefest. Watching beautiful birds is far more exciting then looking at crafts and fighting crowds of people.

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