Wednesday, January 8, 2014

18 degrees

I headed out at 4pm today.  It was 18 degrees in the Parking Lot of Cascade Lake Park.   I thought that I would have the place to myself again, but there were 6 cars in the lot!  Reminded me of a beautiful warm day, not a frigid one.  No one was on the trails, there were a bunch of young men playing hockey on the frozen lake.  I started thinking about just how lucky I am to have so many incredible hiking trails so close to home.  There is no need for me to have to go to a gym.  I love hiking so much that I actually feel guilty most days.  Every day is a new adventure that I never tire of. So much changes each and every day.

Both Black Squirrels were at the feeders at the same time this morning!  Great to see them looking so healthy.

After my wonderful hike I made a delightful dinner for one as hubby is out for the night.  Coconut shrimp.  Easy and so good.  Ranger game is on later, perfect night. 

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