Saturday, January 11, 2014

60 degrees and rain

This is Winter?  I did a longer hike this morning in the rain, surprised to find so many dog friends also out there.  I chose to do the trails while most went up the road and looped the fields.  I only ran into one couple and their two RDRBs. Their male wasn't too nice to Monty.  Monty did a good job avoiding him.  Very proud of my boy.   Monty and I had a wonderful hike, I was definately dressed too warm, a simple rain coat would have suited me far better then my winter coat.  My rain pants were awesome, they kept me completely dry and cozy.  Monty had on his Raincoat too, which helped to keep the chill off of him.   There is no good excuse not to get out, the only ones I can think of is a hurricane, snowstorm with blowing winds or thunderstorms.  I bought myself another gift, 6 pairs of wool socks for hiking!  Simple things make me very happy.

Our major clean out continues and it is starting to take on a life of it's own.  I am wholeheartedly enjoying giving things away!   It's nice to know that someone is using things that sat in a closet.

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