Monday, January 6, 2014


I'm six for six on my quest to hike 365 days this year!  Today's weather was crazy!  We went from freezing to the 50s in one day. Last night it started with freezing rain and overnight it ended up completely melting 8 inches of snow.  Now this evening the temps are dropping rapidly and expected to get below zero overnight with the windchill.  Now major freezing of all the melt water is occurring and we are going to have an icy mess.  The only creature I saw on my walk was a male Belted Kingfisher, surprising for this time of year.  He looked perfectly healthy and was very boisterous. 

The Kingfisher is
a symbol of peace and prosperity. 
The Kingfisher is the promise of abundance --
its blue plumage is associated with Jupiter, the planet of abundance. 
People with a Kingfisher totem need to live as near as possible to water
and as far north as possible. 
They have a knack of teaching their children how to enjoy life
and how to prosper at the same time.
If a Kingfisher comes into your life, you might be required
to dive headlong into some activity --
or possibly a new love will enter your life.
No matter what it is, don't be afraid of trying the new. 
Kingfisher will be there to guide you.
You won't drown -- and you will have sunshine, love and abundance!

That sounds like a great message! 

Today is the anniversary of my Dad's passing.  He's been gone 9 years now, does not seem possible.  I miss him. 

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