Tuesday, January 14, 2014


Today I didn't get out for my hike.  Monty hurt his foot on yesterday evenings hike and was not walking too well all day.  There was no way he was going for a hike. A forced day of rest.   It rained buckets all day and it was my sons last day home for Xmas break, this evening he went back to his final semester of college, so once he woke up, I spent the day hanging around him.  Ok...all good excuses for breaking my New Year's resolution, now what I need to do is to get up tomorrow and GET OUT THERE! NO EXCUSES!  I did get lots of work done towards my business that I'm opening on Monday and I figured out what I can do for my Master Naturalist volunteer work and also found webinars that would help educate me towards it, as I still need 14 hours.  I am awaiting approvals from my town board and my coordinator from Cornell.  My brain woke up!  Now I also cheated pretty badly on my clean eating, why?  I have no idea.  Tomorrow.....I do my best to do 100 days of clean eating and see if that can't help break my bad habits. 

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