Friday, March 7, 2014

I feel good!

I am feeling GREAT!!!!! The best I've felt in 2 years.  I finally got my business up and going, and I love it!  I can not wait to get busy!   I have finally found my calling, something that makes my heart sing!   I can make a difference in this world.  I love love love meeting people and taking care of their dogs.  It is super fun and rewarding.  Why didn't I start this business years ago?  Fear of failure, that's why.  I will not fail because I love what I'm doing. My hubby said I would love this and he was right!

After walking one of my clients, I drove out to the Black Dirt yesterday and again today.  Lots of Rough-legged Hawks.  I went to Skinner Lane for the Snowy Owls and I didn't see them. I did see a skunk each day, and today a mink at Oil City Road!  Lots of Bluebirds and Robins were working the grass that is exposed on the sides of the road everywhere I drove.  We still have a foot of packed snow on the ground.   Later on I got 2 texts that there were  3 Snowys out on Skinners Road!  Oh well tomorrows another day.  While my friends were viewing the 3 Snowy's I was up at Cascade Park immersed in a amazing hike with my pup.  We had the forest to ourselves. It was stunningly quiet, warmer and magical.  The sun was beginning to set. 

On the home front, my flock of Rusty Blackbirds continues.  I've been putting them in Ebird everyday, as they are doing a study on them until April. Today there were 25.  I feel so lucky to have them at my feeders everyday, I will miss them when they migrate.  I hope they remember me next winter.  Weather wise it's been in the teens if not single digits for more then a month now.  Coldest winter ever.  I had my first Red-wing Blackbirds on the 5th.  No huge flocks yet, any day. 

 We have at least 4 deer hanging around in our yard. 

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