Tuesday, March 11, 2014

We have Blackbirds!

Yes!  They have started to arrive!  Grackle, Red-wing & Cowbirds are at my feeders!  The Rusty's seem to have flown the coop. There are also 4 Fox Sparrow now.   In need to get out and see that snowy owl one more time.

I had a magical experience today.  I was standing outside a store chatting with a friend,  we were just soaking in the glorious sun.  As always I was glancing up at the sky, it was a deep blue with a few fluffy white clouds.  I heard a Red-tailed Hawk call, I looked up at him, and noticed a total of 6 Red-tailed Hawks ketteling together.  Breathtaking.  I truly know WHY I bird, they fill my life with such beauty.

On my birding rounds, I found a Great Horned Owl nest!!!  

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