Sunday, March 30, 2014

Nature Watch Volunteer!

I attended my Nature Watch Volunteer Training Class for the Basha Kill Area Association yesterday.  So incredibly excited to commit myself to volunteer time teaching the public about the Bald Eagle and Osprey nest.  Getting my volunteer time to attain my Master Naturalist has become a very rewarding personal pursuit.  I love being in classroom learning about Nature.  Finally schooling that feeds my soul.  After the program we drove to the boat basin and there where several eagles on the ice.  My heart swelled with joy.  I love love love what I am getting to do with my life now.  Amazing how the whole world  has come back into focus for me. There is life after parenting.  I am so happy. 

The large flocks of Blackbirds visiting my feeders have migrated north.  Most of my White-throated, Am Tree Sparrows and Juncos have all dispersed.  There are flocks of hundreds of Robins in all the fields.  We still have Snowy Owls out in the Black-dirt region.  I will try for them later on today.

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