Monday, March 31, 2014

Spring has sprung

If there were a couple of weeks that I could magically slow down time to a slow crawl right now would be that time.  As the earth begins to awaken again after a long snowy Winter, each and every moment contains something precious that it makes me want to get out there and see it all.  I could spend all day outside exporing.  The days are just not long enough. Every Spring I become ten years old all over again.  I heard my first Phoebe while up on a hike in the County Park!  The skunk cabbage are blooming.  There are Spermatophores in one of the Vernal Pools I monitor.  The other two pools are still mostly still covered with ice.  It is in the low 50s today....just glorious out.  Later while walking a client dog that lives out in the valley.....SPRING PEEPERS!!!!  Happy Dance!  Let the Herping begin!

Pseudacris crucifer

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