Wednesday, September 20, 2017

My friend Missy!

I've had a wonderful Summer. I have been out enjoying nature to the fullest.  The weather was a mild and  beautiful, perfect for daily hiking. The Hawk Watch has been great fun as always.  Seeing such beautiful birds migrating never gets old. I also love my Hawk Watch friends, wonderful to see each of them.  

My friend Missy who runs Friends of the Feathered and Furry Wildlife Center up in Hunter NY,  invited me to release a Great Blue Heron, who had originally come from Warwick. Thankfully he wasn't badly injured and had only spent a week in Missy's rehab. The DPW had to cut him down out of a tree hanging from fishing line. When I released the bird he knew exactly where he was. Just a thrill to see him take off.  Missy also had this WT beauty with her who was also headed home. Nothing makes me feel more alive then releasing animals back to the wild where they belong! Missy is my hero.   

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ScreaminMama said...

Always love to see your smile xox