Thursday, January 12, 2017

Babies and birding!

I continue to care for my rehabs, cleaning, feeding and making sure they are comfortable and growing.  I'm loving every single moment.  They are the first thing I attend to when I wake up each morning and the last at night before I head to bed.  It was a very good decision for me to take on rehabs despite my condition.  

I love doing Ebird!  I never thought I'd get so into listing. It is so much fun to enter checklists for everything you see.  Having the app on my phone makes all the difference in the world.  Yesterday I went out birding with Judy, the head of Mt. Peter Hawk Watch!  We had such a nice time.  We saw a Bald Eagle, 7 Harriers, 3 Rough-legged, a Sharpie, Red-tails, Savannah Sparrow and a White-crowned along with other winter regulars.  It was good to get out!  I love my life. 
Tufted Titmouse
Black Squirrel checking out new feeder

Yum Worms!

I'm getting big

There is nothing cuter then these two

Blood Worms~YUM

We love them too!

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