Friday, January 27, 2017


After spending most of the past week feeling really crappy, I ended up having the most amazing day! Thursday morning I received a text from a birding friend that there were thousands of Snow Geese out in the black dirt region of our county.  I felt pretty good and decided I'm not going to miss seeing that spectacle.  I headed out there, what a glorious drive, a beautiful blue sky, warm sun, lots of hawks along the way including a male Kestrel.  I arrived at the location, and there they were.  Just incredible!  I spent a couple hours out there, watching and talking to other birders.  It was a wonderful soul filling time.  Numbers were estimated to be around 4500 birds.  Really quite something when they all took off and flew over my head! 

Later on I took Monty for a nice walk around the pond at dusk.  My heart and soul renewed and I am ready to carry on.  I'm the lucky one, I've always known where to find my bliss, I need only look out my windows or open my door and go to the forest. 
Cascade Lake
Camel Farm

Snow Geese

Gorgeous birds

Incredible sight

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