Tuesday, January 17, 2017


Life has basically been good.  I'm able to get Monty out for his runs and also do some car birding.  I'm eating well and feeling okay most days. All my little charges are continuing their great progress and really helping me stay happy and in the moment.  I love watching them all day long.  Ebird continues to keep me looking at birds out and about, as well as in my home.  I'm constantly looking for another species to add to my 2017 list. I now understand those that do a big year, even if it's just from home.  

The other day I started thinking about all the wildlife experiences I've had over my lifetime.  I haven't had the blessing of doing a lot of  travel outside of the US, but I've seen so much beauty right here in the US, Canada and also in Costa Rica on my two visits there.  I've also been to St. Thomas and Puerto Rico, but there is very little wildlife to see in both those places, except some great birds.  When I think of going to other countries, I have zero desire to see any man made things, I only want to see their native Flora and Fauna.  Oh and eat their food!  LOL, what foodie wouldn't like a trip around the world eating amazing local foods and drinking good wine every step of the way?!  Seeing things that man has made, bores me beyond belief.  Nature is it for me, I don't even like man made gardens, unless its someones yard that had been enhanced for local wildlife.  I've had so many great wildlife experiences all over the USA.  From swimming with Manatees, kayaking with porpoises, seeing so many different species of pinnipeds on both coasts, taking at least a dozen whale watching trips on both coasts, Pelagic bird watching trips, incredible wildlife viewing on multiple trips to Yellowstone, amazing birding in every state I've visited, Mammal watching, Herping, all the way to home, where I am blessed to see incredible wildlife right in my own backyard.  It never gets old to see native animals living wild and free, every sight makes my heart swell with gratitude.  It warms my heart to think of all those trips and experiences.  I'm so glad that I didn't wait for retirement to do what I love.  I've lived what I love for more then 5 decades. I have a silver ring that is inscribed with "do what you love, love what you do".    I'm so grateful that my wonderful hubby has been by my side for all of it.  I love him beyond words.  I don't think my boys suffered too much being dragged all over on our vacations to see birds and mammals. It's all been such a great adventure. 

WTs eating berries
One of the grandkids

I had a bad day, and went to TP Road

There is beauty every step of the way.

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