Monday, January 2, 2017

Happy New Year

I decided to make one New Years Resolution, I'm going to submit at least one birding list each day to Ebird.  It will keep me busy and in the moment.  Yesterday I headed out to do a quick birding loop.  I ended up at Wickham Lake Park, there were 4 Bald Eagles! Best birds EVER on New Years Day!   2 Immature and 2 adult.  The Immature birds were on the ice.  Only about half the lake has ice on it.  There were also Common Mergs and lots of Canada Geese.

I had hands down the best 4 months of my entire life. From my sons wedding; having all my boys, family and friends in one place for a magical celebration, a couple amazing vacations to some of my fav places on earth, a surprise birthday party give by mom and my wonderful hubby for number 57, a couple NY Ranger games, Xmas with all my sons,  all the way to New Years Eve spent with family and friends.  Live for today.  Never stay home if you can go somewhere! I love life, I've had a blessed one.  Ever Grateful for every single moment.

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