Monday, September 16, 2013

Lake George Camping

Although the weekend at Lake George didn't go as I expected, we all managed to have a good time.   The weather reports were completely wrong and no one, except hubby and I had the proper rain gear.  The day went from 30% chance of rain to a huge rain storm. Everyone in our group was soaking wet by night fall.  The Ranger station had run out of firewood, and temperatures were expected to dip into the 40s.  We were looking at not being able to cook a hot meal and then a long cold wet night in our tents.  Temperatures for the next day were only expected to get into the low 60s.  At dusk we decided to head into shore and get a motel room.  We were able to dry everyone's clothing,  go out for a nice dinner out and get a wonderful nights sleep.  The rest of the weekend was uneventful.  Lots of laughs and much fun was had by all.   I did get a text during our dinner out with a report of my missed day at the watch.  Over 500 hawks. I was pretty bummed to have missed a great day at the watch, and even more bummed that I would miss the next two days.  This year the birds are moving a few days earlier.  Right after dropping our friends off to their home, we were heading out of their driveway and sitting right on a dead tree was a gorgeous adult Broad-wing hawk.  Upon arriving home at 5pm I took Monty out back....looked up and there was a raptor!  Ran into the house for my bins, and ended up counting 42 Broad-wings, 1 Osprey and a Harrier.  A few minutes later a beautiful sun-bow lit up the sky.  My heart was singing.  I didn't miss the migration after all.

Today I was back up at the watch at noon.  All our regular hawk watchers showed up.  What a great group of people.  I thoroughly  enjoyed seeing everyone and our collective bonus  was we had over 1000 birds by the time I left.  Lots of warblers and other fall migrants completed the great day.  Quite a few Hummingbirds still visiting my feeders.   Tonight after we walked Monty......a amazing double rainbow!  Life is good. 

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