Saturday, September 21, 2013

Yeah ME!

Yesterday up at the Hawk Watch I had a banner day!  I counted a total of 2739 hawks and 1 eagle!  It was an amazing time.  As always sitting there in complete awe of nature and it's miraculous ways never fails to fill my soul to the brim.  I'm still walking on air today!  


Daily Raptor Counts: Sep 20, 2013
Species    Day's Count    Month Total    Season Total
Black Vulture    0    0    0
Turkey Vulture    0    0    0
Osprey    2    81    81
Bald Eagle    1    46    46
Northern Harrier    0    11    11
Sharp-shinned Hawk    38    192    192
Cooper's Hawk    3    15    15
Northern Goshawk    0    0    0
Red-shouldered Hawk    4    17    17
Broad-winged Hawk    2684    7105    7105
Red-tailed Hawk    0    5    5
Rough-legged Hawk    0    0    0
Golden Eagle    0    0    0
American Kestrel    5    47    47
Merlin    1    4    4
Peregrine Falcon    1    3    3
Unknown Accipiter    0    0    0
Unknown Buteo    0    3    3
Unknown Eagle    0    0    0
Unknown Falcon    0    1    1
Unknown Raptor    1    13    13
Total:    2740    7543    7543

Observation start time:    08:00:00
Observation end time:    16:00:00
Total observation time:    8 hours

Beautiful sunny day, nearly a cloudless sky. Hazy for the entire day due to high humidity conditions. Light winds out of the S SW. Temperatures ranged from 16c to 31c.

Raptor Observations:
First bird of the day was a adult Broad-winged in perfect plumage. It flew 50 feet from the platform at eye level. Shortly after the Broad-winged passed through heading south, just west of the platform, all of a sudden a half dozen robins erupted out of the tree tops. Flying for their lives, they were being chased by a Merlin. He flew directly behind the platform and into the forest on the east side of the platform. The Merlin was not counted. 1 Adult Bald Eagle came in from the North, but turned around and went back towards the North. 1 Immature Eagle went due South and was counted. 3 Unknown Red-Shouldered Hawks, 1 Adult Red-Shouldered. 3 Unknown Kestrels, 1 Male Kestrel, 1 female Kestrel.

Non-raptor Observations:
Winter Wrens (2) Scarlet Tananger (2) Cedar Waxwing (14) Chimney Swifts (12) Ruby-Throated Hummingbird (1) Male Pilated Woodpecker (1) Eastern Phoebe (2) Catbird (1) Empidonax Flycatcher (1) Purple Finch (1) Pearl Crescent Butterfly, Grey Hairstreak Butterfly, Monarch Butterfly (4)

The change of seasons is upon us.  The Fall Equinox arrives tomorrow at 8:44pm.  The day and night will be equal and then we will be heading into the darkness.  Time to draw inward and reflect upon our lives and how we are living them.  

I found the hammock that I purchased for hubby a few years ago, it's never been is where I am currently laying down writing my blog.  I'm able to be outside under the gorgeous clouds and enjoy every last moment of the last full day of Summer.  I wish that I could bottle how I feel right at this very moment.  A light breeze on my skin, insects, birds singing, gorgeous puffy clouds floating by and not a care in the world. 

I will be going to camp next Spring!  I'm going to Book a week at Audubon Camp.  It's something I dreamed about my entire life, if not now then when? 

Tuesday my oldest son leaves for NZ.  He will be living and working there for a year.    It's so hard to let him go, I'm going to hate having him so far away for so long.  I am very proud and happy that he is living the dream and following his own drummer. 

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