Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The acorn

This afternoon my oldest son  left the country.  He is moving to New Zealand for the next year.  His first stop is  a 2 week vacation in Thailand.  While I am incredibly proud and happy for him, I am also immensely sad.  I will miss him deeply.  As I  hugged him tightly as we said goodbye, clinging on to him and not wanting to let go,  I could hear his heart beating.   26 short years ago I heard it for the very first time, how quickly the time has flown by. My never ending love for him has deepened and grown.  He is a man now, but to me he will always be my baby boy.   He hasn't lived at home for the last 2 years,  but he was still close enough that we could jump in a car or on a plane and get to him in a matter of hours.  Now it will take days.  I guess this is the hardest part of loving another human being so deeply......letting them go.   It's his time to experience the world.  My heart hurts tonight. This afternoon I spent some time thinking about how much he has taught me in his lifetime, the lessons are many and profound.  The greatest one being.....simplicity.  Watching him live on very little money and enjoy every moment of his life.  He takes little for granted and lives very much in the moment.  I miss him already.

My dear son I wish you the time of your life.

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