Sunday, August 6, 2017

It really is about the small things

Several weeks ago when our yard was being weeded I insisted that the 4 milkweed plants that had come up in my herb garden be left.  They ended up falling over once all the tall weeds were pulled, so I staked them.   A week ago I found one very tiny Monarch Caterpillar eating a leaf and yesterday watched a Monarch laying 3 eggs, each on a different leaf.  As I always say, do what you can in your own part of the world, it all adds up and helps for the greater good. 

Today is gorgeous. Mid 70s with a NNW 9mph wind, no humidity.  I've spent the greater part of my day on the outside couch.  There are birds everywhere.  Small flocks of Blackbirds gathering, lots of my little feeder birds, hummingbirds and a couple of cool extras, Ravens flying over, a Kingbird and just now a Blue-gray Gnatcatcher.  If you take a few moments to watch each bird, even the common ones you have seen a million times over, you will realize how life can really become a Marjolein Bastin greeting card.  She sees all the beauty in each small moment and then draws and paints what she sees.  Her art is amazing.  Seeing the world the way she does is available to all of us. Take the time to really look at a bird, a flower, a tree, anything in nature, you will soon reap the gifts available to you all day long. Life is a gift, a miracle, don't take it for granted. 

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