Monday, August 14, 2017

Do what you love.......

Love what you do. I've spent the better part of today out birding.  I went to 3 different locations in Sterling Forest, 2 of them Beaver Ponds.  I love the ecosystem of a beaver pond, so many chances to see wildlife.   It is so nice to be out and about and not sitting inside staring at my computer.  I feel well enough and I've got to keep getting up and out!  Rainy days are for chores and errands.  Now I'm home and birding in my own backyard.  I'm watching a male cardinal feed his two daughters, they are such good parents.  He even gave one of them a mouthful of peanut butter! Our house Wren is just about ready to fledge her third brood of the Summer. She has been one busy mom.  We have so many butterflies!  All different species too.  Monarchs, Cabbage White, Tiger Swallowtail, Spice Bush Swallowtail, Great Swallowtail, Great Spangled Fritillary, Black Swallowtail, Red Admiral, and lots of Hummingbird moths!  What an amazing Summer this has been for Butterflies.

 Later on we ate dinner outside and watched our two baby wrens fledge. I've never seen that before. It was really neat to watch them take their first leap out of the house and fly. One flew well and made it into the ferns and the other ended up on the ground. His mother flew to our pine trees and called him and he hopped and flew to the trees.  I could hear them calling her. A few bats were out too. Nice end to an entire day spent outside. 

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