Thursday, August 24, 2017

My heart hurts

I've been delivered another kick in the stomach, punch to my head. My beautiful boy Monty has been diagnosed with serious cancer. He has Melanoma.  No words can express how sad this makes me feel. I need to pick myself up and continue to live each day as it comes, no looking back, no looking forward. LIVE IN THE MOMENT.  No regrets and no sadness allowed. Today is all I have and I will make sure my sidekick enjoys our days together fully.  He can tell when I'm upset or down, and he doesn't need that as he enters his own cancer battle.  He is a total sweetheart and I've enjoyed every moment of the seven years he has been my constant companion.  I know he has been living in doggie heaven since he became my boy. He wants for nothing. He gets daily off leash hikes in gorgeous forests, swimming, Frisbee playing many times each day, the best raw foods we can afford, chew sticks, treats, tons of toys, comfy beds, including sleeping on all our furniture, vacations, outings, and LOVE.  He is a really well loved dog. I am grateful for him beyond belief, he is one of the reasons I got up again after coming so close to death. He demands I be at my best.  We will continue on together. I love Monty with all my heart. 

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ScreaminMama said...

What a precious boy you have. Hugs, always... xox