Tuesday, October 1, 2013


I have found the perfect vacation home ! So perfect in fact, my hubby used the floor plan to completely design our future home! He has been having a great time drawing it out for the last 4 days.  The window views from this home are more amazing then any home I've ever been in.   You can see vast views of the ocean from not only the east facing windows both upstairs and down, but in he down stairs great room from the  windows that wrap the dinning room and living room.  You wake up looking directly at the sunrise over the ocean. This morning while drying  my hair in the children's bedroom, I realized that I could watch the ocean the entire time from the mirror.  The kitchen has no upper cabinets just windows that bring nature right into the home. All the views are an ever changing painting that takes your breath away.  We have been cooking incredible meals and dining while watching the ocean. Appetizers are awesome down on the rocks. I'm in love with this home and location.

After only three nights here I feel a sense of joy that I haven't experienced in a long time.  The hypnotic sound of the ocean waves, the scent of the ocean breeze has restored me to my former self.  I've found my center again.

I started the Kamana one class yesterday but decided to start again when I return home.

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