Friday, October 4, 2013


Another amazing day in Maine.  Just soaking in every last drop of stunning beauty.  Breathing deeply the salty air and listening to the hypnotic ocean waves lapping the shore.  Truly heaven on earth.

Last night we slept with the bedroom windows and shades wide open.   I got up during the night and looked at the sky full of stars over the vast ocean.  The sound of the ocean lulled me into a very deep restful sleep.  This morning we had another incredible sunrise while still in bed.  No way to describe just how beautiful it is to watch the changing colors as the sun comes up x the ocean.  The most amazing shades of oranges I've ever witnessed.  I have never watched  this many sunrises on a weeks vacation. Later   I watched the 6 seals on the rocks while I sipped a cup of tea.  Right now I have all the windows open and the loons are calling.

Last sunset. Water is so calm. We are packed up and the place is clean,  lobster dinner soon.

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