Tuesday, October 22, 2013


We finally had a bear last night!  He was the biggest one I've seen in a long time.  He managed to get in our trash, because our garbage collector failed to pick ours up the day before.  So happy we still have them around.

Last Friday I had a great day at the Hawk Watch 122 birds. 99 were Sharpies.  First bird of the day was a close Osprey right at 9am. I knew it was a sign.  Lots of Eagle activity, multiple times a pair came from the N but didn't migrate. They chased other Eagles that did migrate.  Loads of fun.  Fall folage was at it's peak, so it made it even more delightful up on the mountain.  Winds were out of the West, about 12 mph.  60 degrees.  Say goodbye to those temps.  This week it's only going to be 50 with strong NNW winds.  I better dress warm!  Layers...lots of layers! 

I took in 3 squirrels and a Chipmunk to ready them for release for another rehabber. They all are wild and free and seem to be doing really well.  They finally found the feeder yesterday.

Another stunning full moon this month.  A hunters moon. It was so crisp and clear out, a perfect Fall night.  I watched it for a while with my scope  and saw many birds migrating in front of it. Just amazing that they fly at night.

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