Wednesday, October 30, 2013


The Juncos have come in overnight, dozens around the yard.  Also RC & GC Kinglets continue to grace my apple and crab-apple trees.   There was a Brown Creeper the last two days, and the 4 species of woodpeckers continue.  Need to get back out to the store and pick up another case of suet for them.  I watched a WB Nuthatch hiding seeds. this morning.  He's saving for a snowy day.  Lucky for him I will be sure he has plenty all winter. Robins and a few Cedar Waxwing checked out the bounty on the crab-apple by the pond.  They will be back later on this winter after the apples freeze. There are several dozen Goldfinch now spending most of their days feeding here. The young GB Hereon has been here every day, hunting in the pond and under the bird feeders.  He is keeping our mice and vole population in check.   Last night D & D saw a large Black Bear walking up the road.  Baby squirrels are looking good.  Always happy to see them surviving on their own after being raised by a human.  There is at least one black squirrel around as well.  Lots of chipmunks busily stocking their larder for the long impending winter. 

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