Monday, June 8, 2015

11 weeks, 77 days.......

Seeing this pair of sneakers laying on our living room floor this morning made me cry.  It is now official,  11 weeks, 77 days until Bobby and I begin life as *empty nesters.* Soon there will be nothing laying around.  Project Hawaii Aviation School for Alec is now set in stone.  Save $ for a year~check, Apply to school~check, Acceptance letter~check, Job transfer~check, Loan approval~check and plane ticket purchased~check.  He is leaving on August 21st. We are beyond proud of him and how hard he has worked to make his dream come true, but sad that he is going to be so far away.  Brad returns to college classes on the 24th.  11 weeks from today will be my first Monday in 28 years that I don't have a child living at home.  I plan on cherishing every single moment I have with my sons. Being mom to 4 wonderful men has brought me more joy then anything I could have imagined for myself, I've been blessed by the universe four times over.  I've loved every single moment and will imensially miss living with them. 

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