Wednesday, June 24, 2015


On June 22nd I could see a storm starting.  As I do often I headed out to my front porch to watch it come in.  With in minutes I could see this was not a normal storm.  I heard what sounded like a plane flying low over our house, next thing I know all the trees in our side yard are nearly blown on the ground, the wind was so strong I thought it was going to break and uproot them.  I jumped up and desperately struggled to get in the house.  A bunch of debris flew in the door behind me.  I ran to the doorway between the kitchen and hall...just in case this was a tornado, because it felt like it was one! I then watched both of my canopies be smashed down, furniture be thrown and one of the canopies lifted in the air and then smashed upside down.  With in seconds the wind was gone.  It proceeded to the two streets next to us taking down lots of trees.  We also lost a pine tree, it feel on our neighbors driveway blocking their garage.  What a crazy experience and a very scary one!  

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