Monday, June 1, 2015


We are finally getting some much needed rain.  I took Monty out for a nice walk despite the drizzle.  I'm still on my social media break.  One thing that I've found a little disappointing and upsetting is that not one single person from FB has tried to contact me and see where I am and what's going on.  I think that is a sign that I've been wasting far too much of my life on cyber people.  Time to take back the life I had before forums and FB. Since I left,  I've already read one book and half way though another. Hockey is over until October, so no TV for me either.  I'm  concentrating all of my efforts on my health and fitness.  Today I started a Whole 30.  I'm feeling less frazzled, and my head is clearer not being so full of so much information. Being online is constantly draining my energy.

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